Jungle Joke

Jungle Joke - a family performance by Jakub Folvarcny

Just a joke. Just a joke? Street mischief of vivid performers, a lamp and a tree palm, a zebra at a pedestrian crossing, a monkey show of figging, a snake blues and a coconut juice!

What is happening?

You feel like in jungle, take a seat in rumble!

Pantomime fairy-tale directed by Jakub Folvarčný takes you to the world of the unpredictable world of child’s fantasy, where the performers can change in anything in a second and and in the next one just simply to forget what they had been just a while before.


"Jungle joke is not an ordinary children show. It takes the inspiration from the narratives of unlimited imagination, from Alice in Wonderland to non-sense world of Vian and grotesque. But where the literature finds its limits, the director yet sees possibilities. There is in total about 5 requisites on the stage but at the end of the show you cannot avoid the feeling, there have been plenty of all possible tools and eqiupments. An amazing comic duet of Irina Andreeva and Matej Kohout walks in footsteps of Laurel and Hardy, Voskovec and Werich and transform the world of Folvarecny fantasy into the understandable and all above - eztremely funny piece."

David Melichar, Divadelni Noviny


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