Intervence / Tolerance

The idea of project Intervence-Tolerance was born under the recent circumstances in the society and in our connection to them. It brings together professional artists from V4 countries and young theatre-makers from the Russian and Ukrainian minority living in Prague. It aims via the tools physical theatre to research the origin of hate and the importance of the tolerance in current world. The 3-week long process will be ended by serie of experimental performances held on different places in Prague.

Supported by: INTERNATIONAL VISEGRAD FUND, City Coucil of Prague, Ministry of Culture CR, State fund of Culture


Directed by: Irina Andreeva (CZ/RU)

Asistance: Maksym Teteruk (UI)

Choreography: Adam Zambryczki (HU)

Music co-operation: Ales Janak (CZ)

Scénografie: Ondrej Zachar



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