This is a place you you will witness your sins and judge them yourself.

Cataplace is a site-specific performance created for New Mazanka/DEPO by Irina Andreeva and Balazs Szitas with students of Cirqueon.

The main character is catapulted to a seemingly calm and welcoming place. Charmed by a sudden comfort, he is convinced that he can stay here forever and rest. But soon her realized that instead of heaven, he appeared in the catacombs of his own soul. The time runs crazy and chaotically materializes all inner catastrophes yet long time forgotten.

Project is prepared by Irina Andreeva and Balazs Szitas.

Performed by student of physical theatre:

Hrají studenti fyzického divadla:

Markéta Dušková, Michal Nagy, Tereza Hroníková, Ondra Líďa, Milan Šperling, Glynis Hull-Rochelle a Zuzka Tykoliová


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