Causa fatalis

New open-air show of Teatr Novogo Fronta

The alegoric grotesque about the complexity of human soul

The theatrical adaption of causality

Seemingly innocent beginning. Almost harmonic circle of conflicts among the inhibitants of one house. Miserable life without major requests. But just a bit changes... the arrival of stranger and the delicate balance is infracted. Under the emply dailiness the unsusptected secrets open, the unknown desire is woken up.

The magic of allurement drifts to the desructive border of euphorie. But the entrance to paradise is being punished.

Despair, anger, destruction, fear and darkness.

In the dark there is an animal revives in human.

Will it win?

Performing: Irena Kristekova, Marie Bayerova, Vaclav Kovar, Achilleas Chariskos, Matej Kohout


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