Solo performance of Irina E. Andreeva

It is midnight. A man should be able to descend into the deepest depths of his being at this hour and if he descends fast enough and if he descends deep enough, he will see the Jerusalem Temple ruins, crying G-d and praying deads.

Ellie Wiesel

Female energy of the Universe and its reflexion in a human soul. What kind of question is it that could not be answered unambiguously? Facelessness in a mask of a face? You do not know the first one, do not see the second one and do not remember the third one... ?

"Irina Andreeva was a supernatural sight in Dybbuk...explosive...a spirit taking glleful possession of another body."

Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

"Andreeva is a master of restraint, and in her clear, calculated movements she builds a tension that never lets up. Sometimes she seems to battle electronic mysterious forces, at other times she´s the force itself. In Andreeva´s case, the dybbuk within is making powerful art." (Dybbuk)

Howard Shapiro, The Philadelphia Inquirer


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